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Monday, September 5, 2011

Your Available MTCN Waiting Your Pick Up

Western Union Payments*
*[image: Dollars]* *

Western Union Payments

Western Union
Send Money Worldwide

Address; Plot:PLOT 18,AIRPORT

*Dear Client .

*We hereby inform you as our off-shore client that your approved pending
funds of US$700,000.00 (Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ) was
remitted from our correspondent/Merge Branch Headquarters for immediate
electronic transfer to any destination of yours without any further delay or
excuses again and we have programmed this (5)M.t.c.n valuable cash in our
Global Network Transfer Machine,while processing the rel-easement with the
Text Question and Answer together with the (5)MTCN Numbers of $5,000usd each
making it $25,000usd that we have prepared,but it might interest you to know
that these funds are programmed to be transferred weekly by bits as
follows:( Each Week is (5)M.t.c.n Numbers of US$5,000.00 each making it the
$25,000,00usd that you are going to received this week as the first transfer
of your fund )

However,the Staff and Management of (WU) Western Union Money Transfer
requests that you should provide us the first name and address for
immediate onward transfer and the Re-activating Reflex-ion charges of this
programmed sum,as it was calculated with the exchange rate of 1.356515 in
our transferring ratio to the sum of 350 Euro ( Three Hundred And Fifty Euros Only ) and you have send this charges with our
authorized Cashier's Name given you below and in-turn the payment
information to the Western Union e-mail for recording purposes :

See your five MTCN is available to pick up now!

For you to believe me Track the first MTCN to see with your eyes. A s soon
as you make the payment i promise i will give you the full information to
you today.

Tracking it now! This.

Sender: Gabriele Weitzel
MTCN: 4933019400
Test Question:

Sender: **Gabriele Weitzel*
* MTCN: 3619**8535
Test Question:

Sender: **Gabriele Weitzel*
* MTCN: 733204**46
Test Question:

Sender: **Gabriele Weitzel*
* MTCN: 45**691158
Test Question:

Sender: **Gabriele Weitzel*
* MTCN: 53661**832
Test Question:

Your five available for pick up by receiver; If i don't hear from you today
i will stop the MTCN today because i don't want people to pick it up; You
need to act fast so that you can pick it up today.*

*You can re-check the data online via Western Union website below:

** asp/orderStatus.asp?country=

We awaits your prompt response to affix of your full data in our System. We
are very sorry for any inconveniences this might cause you as our distant
customer but help us to serve you better.

*Thanks in anticipation and co-operation*

Mr Patrick Evans

[image: Products & Services]
Fund Released Officer,
West Africa ,

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